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Pendon MuseumPhotos of Pendon Museum, Oxfordshire.
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Vale Scene

Branchline Goods 1-crop.jpg

The Vale Scene is Pendon's main exhibit, a model that portrays very acurately the houses, landscape, people, and railways that were in the Vale of White Horse in the 1930s. Some of the photos here are from the Vale Opening event in June 2004.

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Dartmoor Scene

Pen Tor Road Waiting Room.jpg

The Dartmoor Scene is a portrayal of a fictitious country railway junction called Pen Tor Road on the edge of Dartmoor. Originally a stop-gap model for Pendon it has become over they years a very much loved and cherished model.

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Roye England Photo 4.jpg

Photographs of some of the people who make Pendon happen.

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NYMR 2003


This sequence was taken on the North York Moors Railway during the initial 2003 special train service to Whitby. Through tickets were sold between Pickering and Whitby although with a change of train required at Grosmont.

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Cambridge Railworks


Photos from the RailWorks route I'm helping to build.

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Photographs of Cambridge Station and surrounding areas

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Images from the Rokeby collection at the National Monument Record.
Many of the photos have distortions due to paper curl and repro camera angle.
Reference to the originals is suggested where detail is unclear.


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Cambs Collection


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Fulbourn Loc Hist Soc

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Farm Buildings

Photographs of farm buildings in Cambridgeshire

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Various rail photos.

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Random files - Rail related
David Woodwark.jpg
Station outbuildings #1Oct 2010
Iron Duke passing Oakington with a heavy mineral train.
Black 5 passing Norman Works with local passenger